More iPhone tricks and tips

Restart your iPhone Press and hold both the Home button and the Sleep button to restart your iPhone. After a moment, a white light will flash, the screen will shut off, keep holding the buttons until the screen turns back on. Take a screenshot Hold the home button and the Sleep/Wake button. The screen will […]

How SuperOneClick roots an Android phone

SuperOneClick is widely used to root Android phones. If you own an Android handset, the chances are that you may have used it. This program gives you the ability to root your handset with one click, and it works great with mobile devices running Android 2.3-4.0. However few people ever introduce how it works. I’ll […]

How to use direct links in Google search results page

In some countries or regions, Google is blocked for whatever reason. Google later uses SSL to solve that issue. If you happen to be in those countries or regions, you will notice will be redirected to This in fact is good news as no search engines can provide search results as well as […]

Getting rid of Android Adhoc WiFi patch

If you are an Android enthusiast¬†like me, you probably find that your Android phone could no longer connect to your Adhoc WiFi network again after upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich4.0.3. Well this is kind of weird since my Symbian phone could connect to the WiFi network without a problem, so I take it as granted […]

More Android Keyboard Shortcuts

You must use a lot of keyboard shortcuts on your computer with input words, play online games and operating in use applications. Several major mobile phone operating system has some similar use in computer keyboard shortcuts while android is no exception, the following I will give you some android mobile phone keyboard shortcuts. Basic shortcuts […]

Two easy steps turn Galaxy Nexus into a tablet

Galaxy Nexus comes with a 4.65″ high-definition Super AMOLED display with 720 pixel high resolution screen; we really need to take full advantage of it. However it looks just like another cell phone by default. Here we will with the help of two free apps convert it into a small tablet and control it using […]

Connect laptop to the Internet using Internet tethering

Long ago, we rely on cables heavily to connect our laptop to the Internet for web browsing, Email sending and receiving, chatting and shopping online. Later we have wireless technology to get rid of the wires. If you have a wireless router, you can connect your PC without wires which makes our room quite clean. […]

Can calling and access the microblogging, colorful Android watch

Fun summer, “I’m Color” colorful Andriod watch appears. In fact, many vendors are playing the same idea, such as Sony Ericsson’s LiveView or just launched Motorola’s Tracy XL. Although “I’m Color” colorful watch looks like a simple decoration, but it can works on multiple platforms. This beautiful “device” can connect to the iPhone, Android, the […]

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