Since the release of Android 2.1, Google has been working on Version 2.2 and have made lots of improvement to challenge iPhone OS. Here are 10 tips to help you with your Androi 2.2 cell phone.

1. Excellent search functionality

Android 2.2 not only support voice search, but you also can search weather bus, contacts, webs, apps, calendar, drop boxes and footprints. In the meantime, you can switch on/off search history and suggestion.

2. Use search widgets on the screen

If you search a lot, and have enough space on your main screen, you can add a few search widgets, search for web, apps and contact respectively.

3. User-friendly keyboard

Android 2.2 has much improvements in typing. When typing with earlier version, you need to enter a new screen to input numbers and etc, but now you can see number 1 with the letter Q, and @ share the same key with letter S. This way you only have to press the S key longer than usual to input @ when type an Email address.

4. Hang up a phone call with power button

You can hang up a call by hitting the power button with Android 2.2 if you enable it in settings, but not all Android cell phone has this feature.

5. Enable Flash in Android 2.2

Android 2.2 cell phone has built in Adobe Flash 10.1 player, if your cell phone is Nexus One, you need to download it from Android Market before installing.

6. Turn off Flash

Although Flash provide you with more games and funny, but it slows you down while browse the internet, you can disable it in Android browser->settings->add on.

7. Use a PIN to protect your privacy.

Android 2.2 allows you to lock/unlock your cell phone with PIN.

8. Upgrade all your apps with a simple button

Well this is for those lazy people, you can upgrade all your apps by hitting only one button, or if you do not have time, this may turn out usefull to you.

9. Move stuff to your SD card.

We wrote this also before, please go to my previous post.

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