Smartphone will lead the mobile industry with its strong functions; many new mobile devices are equipped with high speed CPU and large memory which makes it easier to integrate other features. And that is why there are more and more all-in-one cell phones come with camera, WiFi and Gps on the market.

While you can see lots of Gps units on the market, many mobile device manufacturers are selling Gps enabled handsets now. This lead to a new flourishing market – GPS cell phone tracking.

When you turn on Gps on your handset, it starts to search for satellites; it needs at least three, usually four satellites to determine your current location (longitude and latitude) and speed. If you install some GPS mobile tracing softwares on your device, it can send your coordinates to a sever pre-configured via GSM or GPRS. And the sever will show your location on a map like google maps or Google earth. The sever refreshes every few seconds so that you can track the path and even calculate the speed.

Alex Zaah has more to offer. It is widely used to track the kids and the old. And if your handset gets lost or stolen, you can even recover it.

At the moment, many are providing free cell phone tracking softwares and service. If you have a GPS mobile phone, why not give it a go.

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